The XZJ5160GQXD5 cleaning vehicle has independent high and low pressure water systems. High-pressure water can clean roads, curbs, sidewalks and guardrail isolation areas. High-pressure spray guns can also be used to clean road signs, billboards, elevated roads, etc. The spray system has powerful spray dust, spray air disinfectant and air humidity adjustment. Low-pressure water can be sprinkled with water to reduce dust and green water.1、It has independent high and low pressure water system and high pressure cleaning and watering function. The sub engine drives the high pressure water pump. The chassis engine drives the low pressure water pump. The high pressure cleaning speed can be controlled arbitrarily.。2、The front water spray frame is controlled by the oil cylinder to extend and retract, rise and fall, and deflect. The cleaning width can be adjusted from 2.5m to 3.5m; the nozzle forward tilt angle can be adjusted from 25° to 40°;3、The high and low pressure waterways are equipped with anti-freeze water blowing device interfaces to prevent freezing of water components during low temperature in winter.4、The clean water tank has a low water level alarm function and an alarm function to prevent the water pump from running out of water, effectively protecting the high pressure water pump.5、The low-pressure waterway system uses a two-stage impeller centrifugal pump with high efficiency, large sprinkling width and long range of water guns. It can also be equipped with green watering and self-priming functions.6、The water tank is treated with special anti-corrosion treatment, low price and high performance.

Work performanceSprinkler cleaning widthm2.5-3.5Spray rod shrinkage
Sprinkler angle(°)30 left and right
Working speedLow pressure sprinklerKm/hⅠ7:Ⅱ14
High pressure cleaningKm/h3/15
High pressure cleaning capabilitym2/h25000
Maximum cleaning water pressureMPa10
Washing water flowL/min134
Spray water flowL/min134
Low pressure sprinkler flowL/min600~800
Low pressure rinse widthm≥24
Water gun rangem38
Actual volume of the tankL7.52
Driving performanceMaximum speed (full load))km/h90
Maximum climbing angle(°)12
Braking distancem≤10
Minimum turning diameterm<16
Quality parameterVehicle kerb qualitykg8440Basic type
Maximum total masskg15800
structure sizeDimensions (length × width × height)mm×mm×mm9000×2495×2930Transportation status (basic type)
TrackFront wheelmm1880
Rear wheelmm1860
Approach angle(°)10
Departure angle(°)11

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