XZJ5162GPSD5 green sprayer is suitable for all kinds of road surface,Sprinklers are not only suitable for sprinkling, spraying, cooling, dusting, flushing dust and dirt, but also for pavement maintenance, landscaping and emergency fire fighting. The sprinklers produced by our company are mainly composed of automobile chassis, tank body, water pump, ball valve, water pipeline and sprinkler. The water pump, power take-off box and water circuit switching components are all national standard products, with good performance and reliable work. When the water is sprinkled, the pressure is high, the flow rate is high, the fuel consumption is low, and the music horn switch is turned on during operation. The beautiful music will work happily with you.

(1)Rich in features

The truck has a variety of sprinklers, The front is equipped with a duckbill nozzle or a round head nozzle, and a cylindrical sprinkler and a side spray shower head are arranged at the back to meet the needs of front, back and side spray. The truck's rear working platform also has a sprinkler. The sprinkler can have a variety of spray modes such as DC, heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzle, and foggy adjustment. It can also be rotated 360 degrees for pesticide spraying. These properties greatly enhance vehicle suitability and improve vehicle utilization.

(2)Easy to use

(a)There are fewer jams. The waterway is equipped with multiple filtering devices. The combination of coarse filtration and fine filtration minimizes the probability of blockage of pipes, nozzles and pumps.

(b)It is convenient to add water. The self-contained water pump has self-priming function and filter protection, which can pump water in and out, add water in the field The water supply port of the pipeline has fire-fighting joints, which can add water from the fire waterway; the can lid can be freely opened and closed, and the water  can be added to the tank using a water pipe.

(c)The function of each function is controlled by electric control pneumatic, which can be switched automatically by one button.

(3)Fine design

(a)The tank is made of high-performance steel plate. The tank is divided into compartments by the partition. When the vehicle starts and stops, it can effectively reduce the impact caused by the liquid in the tank.

(b)The water tank is provided with a measuring tube, and the Water quantity can be viewed in time to effectively avoid the misoperation caused by insufficient water.

(c)The water tank is provided with an overflow device, which can overflow in time when excessive water is added to avoid overloading.

(d)The upper end of the water tank is designed with a door for direct water addition. It can also be used for maintenance personnel to enter and exit the tank, and is supplemented by ladders for easy climbing.




Chassis parameters



Power (Kw)


Wheelbase (mm)


Vehicle parameters

Maximum total mass (Kg)


Length × width × height (mm)


Curb weight (Kg)


Work performance parameter

Effective volume of tank (m3)


Working speed (km/h)


Sprinkling width (m)


Sprinkling capacity (L/ m2)


Nozzle Flush System Pressure (kPa)


Gun flushing flow rate (L/min)


Spray gun range (m)


Self-priming height (m)


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