XCMG  Water Tank Fire Truck SG210A2 for sale

1. As the first truck to be deployed, it must be furnished with required crew quantity. Therefore, a four-bridge chassis with a double-row four-door and a six-passenger cab is configured to meet the requirements. Chassis uses CNHTC ZZ5437V4667D5 type Ⅱ chassis, maximum speed not less than 95 km / h; use of 309KW engine, taking into account the contradiction between price and specific power, endows the truck with both advantages of good cost performance and large specific power, as well meeting requirements of the national IV emission standards.

2. Fire fighting system configuration: HALE·RSD fire pump and PSKD80 electric control fire monitor manufactured by WST (Chengdu) enable the truck not only to adapt for the working condition where low pressure and large flow is required, but also to cooperate with water tower fire truck to carry out fire fighting for high-rise buildings.

3. Self-protective spraying system: in recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the self-protective spraying system, so the truck is also provided with self-protective spraying system mounted at the top of cab and tire to effectively improve adaptability of the truck against the fire field.

4. This truck is equipped with 21,000 kg water tank which can support fire fighting operation in a location far away from the water source or allow the truck to work independently.

Overall size : (L x W x H)


Full-load weight


Maximum truck speed


Minimum turning diameter


Approach angle


Departure angle


Maximum gradeability


Front and rear suspension

Front suspension


Rear suspension


Fire fighting system

Pump rated flow

80 L/s

Pump rated pressure


Monitor model


Monitor rated flow

80 L/s

Monitor rated pressure


Monitor shoot range


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