The DG22C2 ladder truck is a multi-purpose main battle fire truck that is fully hydraulically driven, full-slewing, and a combined arm type, and is equipped with a high-spray truck, a platform-lifting vehicle, and a rescue vehicle. The vehicle is widely used in high-altitude fire rescue operations in cities, factories, mines, ports, and other places. It is the first choice for extinguishing high-rise building fires, rescue personnel in distress and rescue of property.

The chassis of DG22C2 ladder truck adopts Dongfeng Tianjin DFL1160BX1V/4×2 universal chassis produced by Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. that complies with the national V emission standard. The upper vehicle is equipped with two sections of synchronous telescopic arms and one section of crank arm. The head of the crank arm is hinged to the working platform. The PSKD40D electronically controlled fire water monitor is installed on the working platform. The water pipe of the fire protection system is fixed on the right side of the telescopic arm and stretching with the telescopic arm; through the double-cylinder front support luffing and H-type legs, the vehicle can achieve 360 ° full swing operation; the vehicle has a complete safety protection device; the whole machine can operate the upper vehicle on the turntable and work platform.

Main Performance Parameters of Vehicle

Boundary dimension: (Length × width × height)

10190×2500×3800 mm

Full mass

15325 kg

Maximum speed

≥90 km/h

Minimum turning diameter

≤19 m

Approach angle


Departure angle


Maximum gradeability


Outrigger span

Longitudinal span

5500 mm

Horizontal span

5500 mm

Work platform load

300 kg

Maximum working height

22 m

Maximum working range

14 m

Elevating angle of boom

The elevating angle of telescopic boom is -3°—80°

The elevating angle of folding boom and telescopic boom is 0°—175°

Rotation scope

360° full-rotation

Spread time of outrigger

≤30 s

Time for lifting the boom to rated height and rotating 90°

≤150 s

Maximum slewing speed

0.5~1.5 r/min

Fire fighting gun



Rated flow

40 L/s ±8%

Rated pressure

≤0.9 MPa


≥65 m

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