The JP20C2 water tower fire truck is a multi-functional fire fighting vehicle that adds the extinguishing fluid and a foam device on a high-spray vehicle, and combines a large tanker, a foam car, and a high-ejection fire engine. It is mainly used for fire suppression in low-rise buildings such as cities and towns, industrial and mining enterprises, and petrochemical enterprises, oil tanks, and warehouses.

The high-spray vehicle adopts the SINOTRUK HOWO brand ZZ5347V4647E5 type II vehicle chassis. The upper vehicle arm frame adopts a two-section folding arm structure, and each movement mechanism adopts an electrically controlled hydraulic driving mode, which makes the vehicle easy to operate, flexible in movement, safe and reliable, and practical. It adopts the automatic control of the limit position to decelerate and stop, so that the operation is rapid, labor-saving, convenient, and stable, and has a large range of speed adjustment, micro-vibration, and accurate movement.

Main performance data
Overall size : (L x W x H)10620×2500×3880mm
Full-load weight32250kg
Maximum truck speed≥90km/h
Minimum turning diameter≤23m
Approach angle≥16°
Departure angle≥9°
Outrigger spanOutrigger longitudinal span5835mm
Outrigger transversal span2270mm
Maximum working height20m
Maximum working radius12m
Jib rack luffing angleFirst section arm (related to water level): ~85°
Second section arm (related to water level): ~170°
Turning range360° continuous rotation
Leg deployment time≤20s
Boom operation time≤45s
Rotation speed of the boom0.5~1.5r/min
Fire pumpRated flow≥50 L/s
Rated pressure≥1.4 MPa
Fire monitorModelPLKD64
Rated flow50 L/s
Rated pressure≤0.9 MPa
Shoot range≥60m

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