XCMG JP32/C4 water tower fire truck is a main battle vehicle that combines the functions of a water tanker, a foam vehicle, and a water tower truck. It is widely used in fire protection and rescue work of middle and high buildings such as towns, mines, oil fields and factories. It is the first choice for extinguishing fires in high and medium-rise buildings, rescue personnel in distress and rescue property.

It adopts SINOTRUK type II vehicle IV Chassis, which has a large carrying capacity, strong power and flexible maneuver. It has two power output units (PTO), one to drive the pump and the other to drive the pump. It adopts electro-hydraulic proportional and computer centralized control technology and is a fully hydraulically driven, 360° rotation, and three-section folding arm. The vehicle comes with US Darley company's water pump and 3480 +5178 + 738 fire water monitor. The maximum flow rate of fire fighting system can reach 80L/S, the effective range of water spray is greater than or equal to 75 meters. The large flow rate and large rush-saving radius can satisfy most of Class A and B fires. It is equipped with a 40-meter cable remote control operating system, which is more suitable for extinguishing dangerous places such as oil tanks. At the same time, the vehicle comes with a water tank and a foam tank. The whole vehicle is equipped with a large-capacity fire-fighting liquid tank capable of carrying 8.6Kg, and can independently complete the fire fighting operation at a position far from the water source. This greatly enhances the fire fighting efficiency and provides powerful high-end fire fighting equipment for fighting fires.

Main performance data
Overall size : (L x W x H)11800×2500×4000mm
Full-load weight32600KG
Maximum truck speed≥90km/h
Minimum turning diameter≤24m
Approach angle≥14°
Departure angle≥9°
Maximum gradeability≥25%
Outrigger spanOutrigger longitudinal span6000

Outrigger transversal span5400
Maximum working height32m
Max. working radius19m
Changing angle of boomFirst section arm (related to water level): 0-80°
Second section arm (related to first section arm): 0°-140°
Third section arm (related to second section arm): 0°-210°
Turning range360° full rotation
Leg deployment time≤30s
Rated height of boom lifting≤80s
Maximum turning speed0.5~1.0r/min
Fire pumpRated flow80L/s
Fire monitorRated pressure1.4MPa
Model(Foam monitor)  (Water)
Rated flow80L/s80L/s
Rated pressure0.8MPa0.8MPa
Shoot range≥70m≥75m

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