XCMG JP72S3 water tower fire truck is a truck having functions of water tanker, foam truck and high-spray truck. It is equipped with a Germany imported Mercedes-Benz Actros 5548E5/10×4 chassis that meets the national V emission standards. U.S. Hill 8FC fire pumps and Elkhart Brass 7250EXM electronically controlled fire monitors are used, with the maximum working height of 72 meters, and with the maximum operating range of 28 meters; with the 9 tons of fire-fighting fluid filled, the superstructure can rotate y 360°continuousl; all moving mechanisms use the electrical control hydraulic drive and computer PLC Control, so that the truck features with simple operation, flexible action, safety and reliability, and strong practicality. The vehicle has a complete set of safety protection devices, 100m wireless remote control, real-time fire monitoring system and other advanced features, which is an exquisite device for fire fighting of the city’s high-rise buildings and for protection of the people’s lives and properties.

Main performance data
Overall size : (L x W x H)12920×2500×4000mm
Full-load weight49t
Liquid load9t
Maximum truck speed≥90km/h (Electronic speed limit)
Minimum turning diameter≤26m
Approach angle≥25°
Departure angle≥12°
Maximum gradeability≥25%
Outrigger spanLongitudinal span6900mm
Transversal span5500mm
Maximum working height72m
Maximum working radius28m
Jib rack luffing angle1# boom: 0° - 88°
2# boom and 1# boom: 0° - 163°
Boom length1# boom12.6m~42.6m

2# boom12.2m~27.2m
Turning range360° full rotation
Leg deployment time≤40s
Time from boom lifting to rated height to rotation of 90°≤300s
Maximum turning speed0.2~1r/min
Fire pumpRated flow70 L/s
Rated pressure1.6MPa

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