XCMG Official JY120F1 brand Emergency Rescue Fire Vehicle.


JY120F1 Emergency Rescue Fire Vehicle is consists of a chassis, subframe, lighting system, and various emergency rescue equipment and protective equipment. This vehicle mainly applies to highway accidents, urban public safety accidents, and accidents at various chemical sites.


JY120F1 uses TGM 18.290/4×2 chassis of German MAN, a lighting system, winch traction system, lifting function system, box framework made of aluminum profile, and emergency rescue equipment.


advantages and highlights:

1. JY120F1 uses TGM 18.290/4×2 of German MAN chassis with emission National IV Standard and has advanced performance, high carrying capacity, full power reserves, and specific power of 17.75 (213kw/12t).

2. Strong single unit operation power: it uses German MAN chassis with double-row cabs, allows 7 passengers, and applies to grouped centralized delivery during fire-fighting.

3. Special Product Advantages

1) Strong traction of more than 7000 kg, meeting standard requirements (traction quality ≥7000 kg) of secret service stations; the traction weight of 7000 kg, which is greater than that (5000 kg) of common emergency rescue fire vehicles.

2) High-power power supply system: Based on power of 12 kW, the power supply has voltages of 220 V and 380 V and can support simultaneous work of multiple pieces of equipment.

3) Powerful multi-functional lifting capacity: Austria Palfinger hydraulic cranes have a maximum lifting capacity of 5580 kg. 

4) Full lighting capacity: 4 x 1 kW all-around high-altitude lighting

5) Safe and convenient equipment layout: Equipment is fixed on the equipment rack with anti-loosing fixtures; full-warehouse pedals are set up, ensuring a space utilization rate and convenience.

4. The whole machine adopts professional appearance design, the appearance is generous, and the operation and use humanized effect is good.

Main performance parameters of vehicle

Overall dimensions: (L×W×H)


Full load mass


Maximum speed

≥100 km/h

Minimum turning diameter


Approach angle


Departure angle


Maximum climbing ability


Maximum working range


Minimum working range


Winch rated pull

70 kN


Ground clearance


Work cycle

≤ 300s

Horizontal rotation angle


Angle of pitch

-90°- +90°

Horizontal rotation time

≤ 50s

Pitching time

≤ 50s

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