XS113 is a regionaland adaptive product developed for overseas markets. This product type ischaracterized by its high reliability, high compaction efficiency and goodcompaction quality. It is widely used in compaction work of base layer,sub-base layer and rock fill in roads, railways, airports, harbors, dams andindustrial construction site.


1.DONGFENG CUMMINS Turbocharged watercooledengine has large power reserve and tow fuel consumption.

2.High power radiator, applied to the hightemperature region construction.

3.Air pre-filter and air filter constitutetwo-stage filtration system.

4.Fuel filter, oil filter and oil replacementcycle is up to 500 h.

5.Variable plunger pump and piston motorconstitute the closed hydrostatic system.

6.Heavy duty wet drive axle ensures drivingability under toughest conditions.

7.Two gear infinite variable speed.

8.Plunger pump and piston motor constitute thehydrostatic vibration system.

9.Double frequency, double amplitude, suitablefor various construction conditions.

10.Inner cylindrical vibrating chamberstructure, high rigidity and strength.

11.Dedicated vibration bearing, highreliability, long service life.

12.Standard driving tent and optional airconditioning and cab.

13.Customer may, according to the requirementsof the construction, choose smooth drum, padfoot drum and padfoot shell.

WeightOperating weightkg10800
Distributed mass of front drumkg5900
Distributed mass of rear drumkg4900
Static linear loadkg/cm27.7
Driving performance dataDriving speed (gear I)km/h5.4
Driving speed (gear II)km/h10.8
Theoretical gradeability%45
Minimum turning radiusmm6800
Tire specification-23.1x26
Ply rating-12
Air pressurekPa150-170
Power systemEngine manufacturer-DONGFENG CUMMINS
Rated powerkW(hp)93kW
Rated speedrpm2200
Emission stage-II
Vibration systemVibrational frequencyHz30/35
Nominal amplitudemm1.8/0.9
Exciting forcekN240/158
Volumemachine oilL16.3
Fuel tankL240
Hydraulic tankL150
Front drum chamberL40

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