XS113E is a regional and adaptive product developed for overseas markets. This product type is characterized by its high reliability, high compaction efficiency and good com paction quality. It is widely used in compaction work of base layer, sub-base layer and rock fill in roads, railways, airports, harbors, dams and industrial construction site.

Performance Characteristics:

1.DONGFENG CUMMINS Turbocharged, water-cooled engine, reliable quality, low fuel consumption, spare parts service is guaranteed.

2.Closed hydraulic drive system, high transmission efficiency, stable and reliable performance.

3.Special drive axle for roller, good traction performance, reliable and durable.

4.XCMG unique cylinder type four point supporting vibration drum has simple structure, good rigidity, high reliability which has been through decades of market validation.

5.XCMG pioneered the ”Three centers in one” homogeneous compaction technology, to ensure the coincidence of three centers (center of vibration quality, center of exciting force and center of geometry), obtaining the uniform static and dynamic compaction.

6.Big distributed mass of vibration drum, high compaction ability.

7.Closed hydrostatic drive system is composed of single pump and double motors, ensuring good traction ability and high climbing ability.

8.Specialized drive axle ensures high traction force under different working conditions.

9.Two-speed stepless transmission, suits to both the compaction and short distance transitions.

10.Standard driving tent and optional air conditioning and cab.

11.Customer may, according to the requirements of the construction, choose smooth drum, padfoot drum and padfoot shell.

WeightOperating weightkg10400
Distributed mass of front drumkg5400
Distributed mass of rear drumkg5000
Static linear loadkg/cm25.4
Driving performance dataDriving speed (gear I)km/h7.5
Driving speed (gear II)km/h10
Theoretical gradeability%40
Minimum turning radiusmm6800
Tire specification-23.1x26
Ply rating-12
Air pressurekPa150-170
Power systemEngine manufacturer-DONGFENG CUMMINS
Rated powerkW(hp)93kW
Rated speedrpm2200
Emission stage-II
Vibration systemVibrational frequencyHz30/35
Nominal amplitudemm1.8/0.9
Exciting forcekN240/158
Volumemachine oilL16.3
Fuel tankL200
Hydraulic tankL100
Front drum chamberL40

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