XCMG super-large tonnage driverless hydraulic single drum vibratory roller is the most advanced compaction product in the industry at present. It has strong driving force, large depth compaction and unmanned control ability, employed the functions such as super high gradeability, rockfill and dam compaction, path planning, automatic lane change, automatic obstacle avoidance and automatic entry into construction area. In addition to the consistent high reliability design of XCMG, the dam-type vibration drum, reinforced steering frame and enhanced drive vibration system have the longest design life among the industry. The “Chinese dragon” appearance design concept makes the machine more international.

Operating masskg36000
Nominal amplitudemm2.3/1.2
Vibrational frequencyHz26/31
Compaction widthmm2400
Engine rated powerkW276
Unmanned control accuracycm5

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