XCMG  50ton Truck Crane QY50KA

1.Leading lifting anddriving performances

Five section U-type booms. The boom length is 11.4m-43.5m with strong lifting performance, leading 5%-10% ahead of products with the same tonnages in the same industry.

High-power engine with good dynamic performance, strong gradeability and superior trafficability. The maximum gradeability and maximum travel speed respectively are 42% and 85km/h.

2.Reliability ofheat dissipation, electrical system etc. has been improved with safer operationand driving

Waterproof connector clip. It is equipped with rubber sheath inside with excellent water impervious and level of protection reaches to IP65.

Aluminium alloy fuel tank. Good appearance quality, corrosion resistance, strong shock resistance capacity.

Double- broken line winch. The hoisting rope is in alignment, and it will be more reliable if turn off the press-rope machine.

Optimized heat-removal system. The air-conditioning condenser is separately installed, the heat-sinking capability is sharply improved and the environment temperature reached to more than 45℃.

3.Mature and reliabledouble-pump confluence technique, aintaining the advantages of efficientoperation

Special confluence multi-valve has been designed. The double-pump confluence technique is adopted in raising and falling of winch, extending and retracting of lazy boom and luffing, leading ahead of luffing and extending and retracting operations.

4.Air-aid shift gears and 45% of shifting forceis reduced

Special air-aid shift gears protection mechanism. The boost system will work only by stepping on the clutch that effectively avoids gearbox damaging gears when shifting. Compared with the same industry, 100mm distance of shift gears and 45% of shifting force are respectively reduced.

5.Apearance molding isnewly upgraded, humanized design andcomfortable riding manipulation

New operating house, wheel house, engine hood and machine shed, novel appearances, fine lines of the complete machine appearance, shows its elegant appearance.

UnitParameter value
Overall length/mm13930
Overall width/mm2780
Overall Height/mm3630
Axle base1st ,2nd axlemm1470
2nd ,3rd axle
3rd ,4th axle
Wheel Base/mm2304+2075
Front overhang/rear overhang/mm2389/2064or 2376/2064
Front extension/rear extension/mm2131/226 or 2144/226
Total vehicle mass in travel configuration/kg42200
Axle loadFront axlekg16200
Rear axle
Engine Model//WD615.338
Engine rated power/kw/(r/min)276/2200
Engine rated torque/N.m/(r/min)1500/1300-1600
Max. travel speed/km/h85
Min. steady travel speed/km/h23
Min. turning diameter/m24
Min. ground clearance/mm327
Max. grade ability/%42
Approach angle/°19
Departure angle/°15
Braking distance (at 30 km/h, full load )/m≤10
Oil consumption per 100km/L40
Exterior noise level during acceleration traveling/dB (A)≤88
Noise level at seated position/dB (A)≤90
Max. total rated lifting capacity/t50
Min. rated working radius/m3
Turning radius at turntable tail/mm3800
Max. load momentBase boomKN.m2009
Fully-extended boom
Outrigger spanLongitudinalm6.1
Hoist heightBase boom
Fully-extended boom
Fully-extended boom + Jib
Boom lengthBase boom
Fully-extended boom
Fully-extended boom + Jib
Jib offset angle/°0, 15, 30
Time for boom raising/s≤40
Time for boom extending fully/s≤90
Max. slewing speed/r/min≥2.0
Exterior noise level/dB (A)≤118
Noise level at seated position/dB (A)≤9

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