XCMG Road Machinery Concrete Paver XMC-6500 Versatile Slip Form Paver
XMC-6500 Slip Form Paver features high power reserve, full electronic control, full hydraulic drive, four crawler propelling, automatic steering and automatic leveling. It is able to complete whole working processes from conveying, tamping, paving, extrusion forming to leveling, meeting the demands for railway and highway construction of our country while improving the construction quality of concrete structure and construction speed.

1. Reliability and stability
* Crawler drive system: four-crawler drive system, each has big ground contact area to provide enough traction adhesion.
* Smart cylinder technology: easy for steering control and perfect synergy and coordination.
* Multi-controller layout, CAN bus communication, centralized management of the actuator, simple external connection.

2. Easy operation, high productivity
* Full track steering system and full track positioning enables a variety of steering modes. Machine can be positioned simply and quickly for various working conditions.
* Wide screen LCD, friendly human-machine interface, easy to operate.

3. Diversified configuration and versatility
* The central-positioned molding is used for the concrete structure of grade roads and squares.
* The side-positioned molding is used for curbs, side ditch and anti-collision walls. 3. The rear positioned molding realizes negative gap paving, which is used for country roads and roads without shoulders.

4. Energy saving and environmental friendly
* Engine: Shangchai 6-cylinder engine, electric preheating, high power, suits construction in high altitude areas; high pressure common rail control, complies with China-III emission standards and easy upgraded to China-IV.
* High power, low fuel consumption: comprehensive fuel consumption is 18.8l/h, full load fuel consumption is 30.3l/h.

Configuration type
Paving width
2500mm -4500mm
100mm -2500mm
2500mm -3000mm
Paving thickness
100mm -300mm
100mm -1500mm
100mm -300mm
Paving capacity
Paving radius
60cm(side mold)
Crawler spec.
Four or three, dimension (length × width × height) : 1830X300X670mm
Tank capacity
Fuel tank: 320L, hydraulic tank: 320L, water tank: 550L
Propel performance
Paving speed: 0-15 m/min, driving speed: 0-30m/min
Engine power
Automatic control
Two circuits for steering, and two for longitudinal gradient and one for transverse gradient (side-position molding); Four
circuits for steering, four circuits for longitudinal gradient (other types).
Vibration system
Hydraulic drive, up to 12 independent control circuits, continous adjustable frequency.
Leveling width 480~1600mm, depth 0~150mm.
Belt conveyor
Hydraulic drive, continuous adjustable speed, reversible. Belt length 5.6m, width 600mm, max. speed 110m/min.
Blade diameter 350mm, speed 0-33r/min
Blade diameter 350mm, speed 0-33r/min
Hydraulic drive, stepless adjustable frequency
Hydraulic drive, stepless adjustable frequency

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