• Delivery of brand new truck crane 25ton QY25K5D

Recently, 2 units brand new  truck crane 25ton QY25K5D were successfully delivered to client by sea. 


Truck crane QY25K5D_3 has five 42m main booms, the boom length is 10.8m, the amplitude is 5m, and the lifting weight is 22.6t.

The boom length is 30.3m, and the amplitude is 20m. The lifting weight is 2.6t. The boom is 42m in length and 30m in width, and the lifting weight is 0.95t.

Adopt a dynamic new appearance, strengthen the body structure, and focus on upgrading the stability of the operation


In order to make the rotation more stable during operation, the following is added to QY25K5D_3:

1. Develop a unique rotary buffer technology, which can accurately control the flow and pressure, and improve the smoothness of the rotary operation.

2. Newly added air-conditioning self-start-stop function shielding technology, the rotation is not interfered by the air-conditioning, making the rotation more stable.

3. The hydraulic valve stem has been specifically improved, and the smoothness of micro-movement and compound action switching has been further improved.

Multiple technologies ensure the precise and smooth movement, making the work performance more stable and reliable!

 cranes ensure the safety of hoisting in many ways. QY25K5D_3 is upgraded to 6.7t counterweight and adopts a new 2.55m wide chassis.

The frame and outriggers are designed with XCMG large box structure. The characteristics of the large box structure are that it is particularly resistant to bending and torsion, with small force deformation and strong natural load-bearing capacity. Therefore, the life of the XCMG crane is longer.

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